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Knights of Warmth Bring Nights of Warmth

We bring jackets, blankets, and hot food & drinks to people who need them most. 

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Contact us at:  max@knightsofwarmth.org

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How It Works

We support organizations that fit our mission.  

Right now we are raising money for the New York Cares coat drive.


Please donate here. This is a special link for Knights of Warmth:

New York Cares


Check out my speech at the New York Cares Gala

About Me

My name is Max and I am nine years old and I live in NY. I have two sisters. A few Winters ago while standing outside I saw lots of homeless people in the cold and felt really terrible about it. They were really freezing. I asked my parents if they could help me buy coats and blankets and hot chocolate for them. We talked about it a lot and decided to create this website to help as many people as possible stay warm.